Can you put a turtle shell you find around a pond into a fish tank?

just wondering.

I suppose you could potentially, but it’s risky.To start with, make positive the shell is completely evacuated, then decide to put it inside a pot associated with water and boil this for about ten that will fifteen a matter of minutes.Turtles might carry ailments, commonly salmonella, so you have to be careful.Wash both hands after people handle it!

Um maybe when you clean it with diluted harsh detergents, look about for how to clean frequent aquarium beautifications or models with algae to acquire a good concept.Turtles would have many conditions so only when your good it’s excellent clean…

Soak it for a little bit to get rid of anything that could harm your own fish after which that you can do that.

You do not know what germs are developing that covering.Turtles may have salmonella.

Is now there a turtle inside.

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