Can someone please explain to me why the DS keeps getting called the Dolphin Section?

I’ve come around allot regarding questions previously few weeks of people talking about the DS because Dolphin Sections.

Can another person clue us in concerning what what this means is, LOL, My organization is becoming really confused using the word terminology inside the DS currently, LOL:P

All-positive puppy training had been adapted out of orca trainingin which usually captive dolphins plus killer whales usually are trained implementing positive reinforcement, earning meal rewards when the right behavior is performed and sacrificing out within the food if your behavior is not performed.

the following is where I got it out of…

Did I mention MY PARTNER AND I hate FUL! A tap out check, them changed “Thanks” to help “Thank”
I can spell honestly I could:)LOL!!!

I’ve just seen just one person do this and I do not have a hint why.Them started at April Fool’s evening.If it is a joke, I’m not getting hired.

I didn’t realise that.& I do not know why.

I’ll often be checking returning to see just what exactly others state.

Hello, I could possibly learn anything new currently.

It got something related to Bells.I really don’t remember the complete incident.

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