Can someone give me some good links to learn about the Catahoula Leopard Dog?

Lots of sites created on yahoo and google but I do not know which ones are genuine or certainly not lol.
Gives thanks. He is written various books and it is a respected breeder.I wouldn’t put A lot of stock into dogbreedinfo’s page to tell the truth the are available in above just merle as well as black and also tan.The wiki page is really fairly accurate at the same time.

And Brenna mentioned and on the standpoint with someone that is getting this specific breed – they’re not for every person.High power stubborn territorial along with prey driven they’re not for folks that don’t have at the very least some dog experience within their belts as well as aren’t as long as the endeavor of meeting the wants of this type of breed because they are still greatly a doing the job breed.

Some great sites:
They may not be AKC signed up.
These are generally serious pets and aren’t for your average dog owner.I recognize they glance cool and are also usually excellent dogs, but these are high electricity and want a job.

You previously googled that so I can’t be of much more help.

Search the breed club.Search AKC description.

Anything in which rings true are going to be repeated about & over again inside different web pages.Just use a wise practice when looking into a internet site.

You may as well buy books within the breed.You could contact a reputable breeder & offer your doubts.

Look with the addresses, you could find breeders and educational models.Just yahoo and google them.Or utilize wikipedia gain access to, they have connecting links to check on.

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