Can i put my female betta in my tropical community tank?

We’ve a 36 gallon area tank together with:

2 silver dollars,
2 angelfish,
1 dwarf gourami,
2 bleeding heart and soul tetras,
some sort of glowfish,
some sort of roseline shark,
plus thats the idea…

firstly, i know many of you may possibly say simply no, you have got an overstocked gas tank, my tank just isn’t overstocked, however.All the actual fish will be still tiny.this women betta i want inside my 36 gallon was in a half gallon serving, and ive have her for just a year plus a half, consequently shes rather big.i experimented with breeding her which includes a nother male last year and your bit a compact part away her tail, 3 mopnths afterwards i experimented with it again along with the female tiny bit ALLLLLLLLL from the fins from the male, other than the ones they can swim using.Can when i put the girl in my own tank since gourami is on the same friends and family, wont they try and kill eachother.any answers might be appreciatted, thx ahead,

Hi, firstly the angelfish alone ought to be in 10 gallons, magical dollars around 20 gallons and also roseline sharks in at le3ast 25 gallons, its not that you’re overstocked, as this is certainly combatted having excellent filtration and regular water variations as necessities, but your tank currently will possibly be stunting the particular growth of most your fish and generating them really stressed, which is not going to lead that will shortened lifespan but aggression.
Angelfish plus gourami’s are both really aggressive bass, to 1 another and that will other species.Addding the lone betta is not going to heighten your aggression ranges, but increase may be aggression back links, further stressing your fish.

The tetras should also be kept in greater shoals regarding 8+ and for that reason do that glowfish while they are simply just danio’s, however dyed.

Your roseline shark in addition needs fast current’s whilst Bettas plus gouramis have to have slow currents.

I’m definitely not attacking people here by the way, just generating some ideas! I’d advise commencing your lfs and also asking is there much best you may do during this situation.

i accept’re not overstocked however , you do own some fish which you are required more of.gourami’s really should be in frames and danio’s ought to be 4 and also.really wondering though about the female betta experiment because i simply dropped one particular in the community container with danio’s, guppy’s, gourami’s, A FEW african dwarf frogs, plus 2 bamboo sheets shrimp.novice a small number hours therefore far so great.i employ a male within a 5 gallon bowl that’s aggressive while hell so my business is afraid to place anything having him.

The reason that a betta reproduction didn’t move quite while you planned is because you’re ignorant around the subject, and likely didn’t practice it properly.Firstly, betta’s are unable to and should not be placed in containers – simply no fish must.Bowls are absolute deathtraps regarding fish, you’ve got your betta fish in there for just a year, however when retained properly, betta’s can easily live to get about personal training to ten years.If joining your downline continues to reside in the bowl, she’ll most likely live another 6 months to annually, if you might be lucky.

Your current 36g fish tank is fairly overstocked.Tetras and zebra danios has to be kept throughout schools of seven or more.Do possibly not keep instruction fish by yourself or with pairs – that’s precisely how they develop into very stressed out.Angelfish really should not be kept along with danios or tetras for just two reasons:a) your angelfish may possibly, and may well eat these individuals, and b) tetras might be pretty nippy.

A 36g tank is large enough to your pair regarding angelfish as well as a institution of hemorrhaging heart tetras, a education of zebra danios including a dwarf gourami.Magical dollars need larger tanks, additionally do far better when placed in bigger groups.Roseline sharks can also be pretty nippy

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