Can i mix guppys with a male betta fish ?

can they strike eachother

It’s not a good option.Male Betta can often be kept having other bass, but guppies may not be a good option.They appear to be other Betta fish, and a person’s male will most likely harass these folks.

Fish should genuinely be retained alone.Although some people will explain they continue them in community tanks, Fish are gradual swimmers, and often will never get ample to take in.Plus, keeping them on their own in a heated FIVE gallon is fine.They often do far better when retained solo.

If you’ve got an fish tank of 10 gallons or even larger you are able to keep female Guppies having a male Betta fish.
Very little male Guppies while, they’re very flashy, as well as Betta will likely mistake these for small Bettas invading their territory.That should not end well with the Guppies.

Betas are generally solitary fish so are also pretty aggressive.They are already known that will kill females along with their individual offspring.Just seeing some sort of reflection associated with themselves ships them directly into attack function.I advocate putting this guppies inside a separate run.

Of course they may.Betta’s usually are FIGHTING bass.No matter, female or male, they may attack something.If not really, get very stressed, despondent, and in all likelihood die coming from such pressure of having simple Guppy-fish for their Territory.

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