Can I mix beta fish with…?

I have a TWENTY gallon fish tank and Concerning a tiger barb along with a sunburst platy.I have got 2 fiddler crabs.I do think beta perch are wonderful, can MY PARTNER AND I put them with these types of fish in addition to crabs

No.Tiger barbs are generally notorious termin nippers.If you keep them which includes a long finned fish as a Betta, they are going to eventually wipe out it.

If you want a Betta, get a heated, and filtered YOUR FIVE gallon tank correctly.

The Tiger Barb would certainly pull her fins off and the Fiddler Crabs would likely catch your ex boyfriend as he has been slow changing and take in him – not endorsed!

Bettas may be kept within community placed ups NONETHELESS are very best being really the only top-dweller and probably should not be kept with anything very impressive, any termin nippers in addition to nothing predatory which may catch in addition to eat it because they are slow swimming plus very wondering.

No.The Tiger Barbs might kill any Betta very fast.

As well…
Your tank’s overstocked, at least it truly is when you have your Tiger Barbs inside a properly sized group of 6.
And also, Fiddler Crabs are brackish h2o critters along with need land within their home.

If you get ones crabs right into a new create, and really don’t add much more fish, you’ll be OK.

Fiddler Crabs:
Tiger Barbs:

No, a Betta fish will end up stressed out and even more aggressive than usual.It’ll in all likelihood nip the actual fins connected with other perch, or hide from a corner hoping something would go on it out connected with it’s scared-tail-less unhappiness.

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