Can I keep a single black moor in a 17.5 gallon aquarium?

Which includes a good filter, cycled, and cleaned once a week

While 20 may be the recommended dimension, 17 is most likely “near enough”.Close sufficient that carrying out a slightly bigger water change each week would support for the actual slightly smaller tank.

It additionally takes them a couple of years to increase to whole size, so it’ll be perfectly ALRIGHT in there long, and maybe it is possible to upgrade your tank soon after.


Fancy goldfish(including Dark Moors) are actually recommended to start in a 15 to 20 gallon tank(with zero tankmates preserve for oftentimes invertebrates) to enhance their fullest extent growth dimensions.

I’d say 17.5 gallons is good! Maybe just be easy around the decorations so that they don’t occupy too numerous gallons with water which is there on the other hand.

And should you choose want tankmates pertaining to him/her after that upgrade TEN more gallons for every other elegant goldfish a person add.No various other fish are fantastic tankmates for just a goldfish other than possibly White Clouds since there’re fine while in the same drinking water Temperature

What include the dimensions from the tank It’s not the fullness that things exactly, its the volume (which are associated with volume but a important factor).If this tank is concerning the exact footprint being a 20 gallon, its perfectly okay (close enough).If it’s like one particular tiny tall corner tanks that is certainly only including 6-8 ins across along with a few toes tall, it isn’t OK, for example.Bare minimum you would like it TWELVE MONTH PERIOD inches entrance to back and at least 24 inches side in order to side (ideally THIRTY inches edge to side).An excellent top to help bottom will be 12 inches in the process.This is the place that the 15 or perhaps 20 gallon minimum arises from.

Yes, it is possible to – Given that you have Fabulous filtration, perform frequent water changes, and add some live factories with good lighting, should you only find ONE small ought to be okay until it develops to need a bigger tank.

Should become good, associated with the waters clean constantly Fish complete better inside pairs so you might get somebody for your ex.

20 gallons is preferable but you need to be fine using him while in the 17.A FEW gallon container.

Yep.Gosh, it’s nice that will hear while people perform their exploration, I hope you like your black moor!


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