Can I fit in any more fish?

My personal tank is usually 50 cm by 25 cm x 25 cm and it also contains A COUPLE OF bronze corydoras, 3 honey gouramis, A SINGLE glowlight tetra as well as 1 platy.Will i fit in anylonger fish, of course , if so, what more of each one species should i get even though keeping a lot of fish happy with out covering my stocking level

A pair more corys and also loaches maybe Not a lot of more while.

are a person kidding Is there any water with your tank if you have how countless gallons Or even are possibly being interesting or you are not from that planet, which is usually earth anyway.Peace.

I have no idea of that very much but I’m sure that you almost certainly should not necessarily add any more fish to stay the ones you have in generally there happy

by finding it within my eye balls only i’ll see and explain.

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