Can I add sand to aquarium before or after transporting in car?

I purchased a TEN gallon fish tank for my own cousin’s special birthday.I know it’s going to be topsy-turvy with kids, gift starting, and a bunch of relatives from the time I make it.I’m getting ready the tank at my own place (washed, added in background, set up filter, attached heater, etc.).My query is whether We can wash the actual sand (I bought sand, not gravel) plus lay it at the bottom of the tank and setup my plants in advance to save time I intend to add water and rocks next time i get to help his house.Do people think it’ll be OK merely add your sand into the aquarium prior to I proceed there I’m repeating this every day because Let me be within class on most part from the day, to ensure the tank will certainly sit with my car for a good 6 hours prior to I make it.Any suggestions about how I have to do it Now i am not likely to add every fish at this point.They might be bought 1-2 a short time after.

By enough time you’re allowed whee you might be going all of the bouncing all-around driving by way of pot pockets will be tossed about everything inside the tank and you should do it once again.Wait until after the tank was in its remaining location.

If you don’t have time for this then there isn’t time pertaining to anything and ought not even become attempting to start this at most of.

I would help it become as major as certainly possible, so i had to lug it in relation to, cursing and sloshing normal water and sand and fish all over before Manged to get to the birthday party.And leaving it inside your car Thats officer thinking, suitable there.LOL

I would exercise after wards just because the weight.

yes it ought to be fine since its exclusively ten gallens:) enjoy; ).

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