Can angelfish be housed with ocellaris, F Wrasse, and blue/green Chromis?

Might the angelfish nip at them Or else, how significant of aquarium for 1 blueface angel(I know to not ever keep a lot more than one), 1-2 Flasher Wrasse, A SINGLE blue+green chromis’s, and also 2 TO.clowns All over, what, a 150gal

oh yah are going to fine just be sure each fish includes a hiding place only for protecting i had a TWELVE inch emperor angel in the 125 having 2 masculine and womans o clowns and 15 chormis’ under no circumstances had a new flash lighting wrasse however did have got a banana wrasse so there’s no doubt that you’ll be alright.150 gallon is definitely great you could even add two extra moderate to tiny fish.

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