Can a male betta live with goldfish and mollies?

we’ve a TWELVE gallon fish tank with mollies and goldfish.people all ready told me that the 10 gallon would be to small for that goldfish as well as the mollies cant survive with goldfish.very well, they usually are fine.almost everything is healthy and balanced no health problem nothing.i want to know in case a male fish can live together.Thank you for every info.

No.Fish fish might live along with mollies, however is not goldfish.It is because betta fish and mollies usually are both hot fish though goldfish are generally another varieties of seafood.But in case a betta fish were to reside in your tank together with mollies it it is fair to be 15 gallons +

we don’t comprise these “rules” in order to piss away from people.
Generally these mixtures have problems.
Given that you’re ok using the betta becoming picked with and her fins tore off just a little or the mollies obtaining a little exhausted up, then its fine.
The situation is that eventually you’ll need some issue and you will be just about all upset in relation to whoever ends up sick as well as dead.
Whether will probably be 1) that slow decline in the fish from the goldfish getting larger and also producing additional waste or perhaps 2) the particular betta getting aggressive or perhaps 3) sea food hiding inside the plants everyday because they are getting conquer up each time the appear; we do not know, but a type of things might happen.
Good container maintenance as well as enough accessories and plastic plants may help, but what most people do is they panic and ruin their fish tank when things go south, instead regarding fixing the delimas.
Best of luck anyway.

Yes your Tank will be wayyy to small plus overstocked when using the goldfish and no the betta, goldfish plus mollie many have different’s basically like attaching a keep an eye on lizard plus an iguana inside a cage with each other.despite precisely what you declare, the goldfish can inevitabley increase bigger when compared with it’s close friends and eat them one time they’re small enough to fit in this goldies mouth area.stunting some sort of goldfish’s growth doesn’t help the specific situation either.

You’ll soon find why every person told you such superb advice.Just because all is fine now does not always mean all will be fine in a very few a few months! Considering goldfish can certainly live in 30s might kill these people before they hit their teens should show you a lot.

Thus, no, those bass cannot survive together inside a 10 gallon container.Sorry, and also you can pretend otherwise, and solely torture terrible innocent ordinary little bass that would nothing for you.Ignorance is no excuse if you have been effectively informed, as well as “mistake” quickly grows into animal cruelty.Making you a bad person.Like.

goldfish can not live using anything yet goldfish simply because produce too much ammonia for other perch to make it through.Tropical bass also need a new temperature.maybe it is best to listen towards the people who are telling a person this.I probably would not add the betta considering your tank is already crowded seemingly.

A 15 gallon container is very small with regard to mollies and also goldfish.They are able to also not really live using eachother.Just for the reason that look fine does not always mean they are generally.Your goldfish ought to grow for you to 12 in ., that is as huge as that will tank.As tank they should only increase to about 3.You seem to be incredibly badly informed so if you prefer a real suggestion come right here with the open thoughts next period.

if theyre becoming along good then thats beneficial but mollies are nice colorful including a betta along with hate your heck outside of him till theyre almost all dead therefore, srry nevertheless no.

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