Can a labrador hold a Rottweiler in a fight?

This will depend entirely around the dogs.Not merely the fitness either, some most dogs are extremely casual and would likely run before they’d fight, yet others are essentially vicious.If ?t had been a very lazy rotty and an about aggressive laboratory the lab would defiantly get.

Once my papillon chased a new pitbull-lab mix faraway from “Her” ducks.It’s actually not the size in the dog, it’s what’s while in the dog.

My Rotti would fight anybody unless ?t had been some creep endeavoring to hurt us.A neighbors Maltese tiny bit her the moment and the girl shreiked and also hid behing myself, shaking.Then it really is determined by the puppy, and the best way it seemed to be raised.

If you ever try this at your home, I will certainly send this fish guy onto beat you for it.

Dogs do not need opposable thumbs so as to not put anything, like a Rottweiler.

I don’t think so, There’s no doubt that the rottweiler will win mainly because it’s bulkier and I’m sure that it’s of their breed as well, because their large working/security dogs

Depends with both pets.A physically top fit, healthy research can conquer an fat rottie.

-_- I need ideas of.I for no reason fight most dogs, and POST don’t begin ever battling dogs.

Anything is possible.My sister’s hole got pinned by a labrador retriever.

Don’t dogfight or I’ll arrive at your house and slap you which has a fish.

I speculate sick minds need to know!:(

Don’t understand but POST wouldn’t attempt it

Dunno, on earth do you.

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