Can a fry zebras survive without a pump air?

you should somebody assistance me can easily my fry zebras survive without filter you observe they are usually in a compact tank YOU.5 gallon i didnt know one among my zebras has been pregnant!!! and after this i have got some fry zebras around my small tank, i dont really know what to supply them, and i dont what the environment pump in order to suck your babies can easily they be and not using a pump surroundings please anyone help myself thanx!

They aren’t able to survive with no oxygen, you will need to attach a compact air pump to the 1.A FEW gallon might feed the fry brine shrimp and also mash way up flake food right fine powder for all of them.

No bass can survive without a pump.Besides regarding maybe siamese fighters all around health don’t get their oxygen through the water.You’ll need to put a pump because water result in those fry lasts a week at most of the and subsequently start death quickly.

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