Can a chihuahua and a Pomeranian mate?

our apple brain chihuahua nancy a young lady her identify is chichi.we were hopeing she’ll get pupies.she we are watching Maximum the pomeranian regarding about per week, would this be healthey as long as they mated plus got pups i dont desire my chihuahua hurt but wjat ought to be a do if they can mate how does someone let these mate thanks

Can these people, yes.Should they, Zero.You will be 14 and are not aware the first thing about proliferation and looking after bitches in whelp as well as delivering pups.
Your mom and dad own these types of dogs and ought to be getting them to somewhat of a vet intended for spaying and also neutering prior to should pay a significant vet bill for your c-section about this little chi.
Breeding a few ones dog without their agreement is from the law.Its considered thieves.Do you need to see considered one of your dad and mom or both go to jail intended for stealing your sperms on the dog that would not belong for your requirements.
Just ignore breeding till you happen to be older.

In practical land they will mate, yet I probably would not suggest the item.I listen to chihuahuas have a lot of pregnancy problems and typically need C-sections (which acquire easily find life threatening for a dog hence small).I don’t even think it could be healthy for the dog, but “technically” its possible to get them for you to mate.You simply just might shed chichi along the way you know

Please will not breed your current dogs.You may be considered a back yard breeder.Become a in charge pet proprietor.There are usually enough most dogs and pups in shelters looking ahead to homes.Do not contribute towards the already over-populated puppy population.
They are the reasons numerous puppies and also dogs are place down every day.People think it could be fun for you to breed their family dog or cat.Leave your breeding to the reputable breeders.

yes they might mate if they are roughly identical size if you want to mate these folks she have to be in heat just in case so fit them in a very room or within the garden right until he draws her it can take up that will 30 minutes but if they are attached will not try to separate them it may severely harmed the women

anticipation this facilitates:)

its not necessarily safe in order to let your canine mate, interval.

Acquire her SPAYED.If you’d like puppies, there’s plenty in a shelter or perhaps rescue.

You happen to be 14..its not your canine anyways.Doggie belongs to your PARENTS.They choose on if to hold puppies.

you chihuahua is going to be fine if she had pups from the pomeranian enable them mate in case your happy to have puppies she must be in months soon you possibly can tell since the chihuahua are certain to get a span but of which doesnt meen in which she cant have a baby before your ex period consequently keep these individuals together throughout the day everyday very good luck

ROFLMAO.Thanks to the laugh, as well as the two points.

I suggest you take more time on your deficiency of the Speech language.

only idiots produce mutts.your parents I know would not want to consider paying thousands of dollars for some sort of c-section.they ought to spay the girl.

Do not necessarily breed dogs you know nothing in relation to.There is enough puppies without having homes, Dont increase that.

Shame done to you…….how irresponsible can you be

Nothing could happen if the particular female just isn’t in heating.

Get her spayed ASAP

They employ a mix breed of dog that is mixed having a chihuahua as well as a pom it has the called some sort of chihuaranian or such as that.That mixed reproduce is common.However, before any individual should reproduce their dog you need to be sure you have equally dogs read through for ailments.Make sure you study on the proliferation process right after (and only) in case both dogs purchase a clean charge of health.Many occasions inexperienced breeders try and breed their own dogs and due to it finish up causing harm into the female and puppies because they aren’t trained to take a look after some sort of pregnant doggy.You will need to only breed your canines under your supervision of a vet and also this includes regular check ups during the pregnancy till the birthing process arises.This is usually expensive so if you don’t have the income to pay for vet expenses, pleaase do not do this particular as numerous things could go wrong.When you fully understand the breeding of the two breeds, research concerning the cycle associated with dog carrying a child, a with child dogs diet plan (what you need to feed some sort of female when nancy expecting), what to prevent (like being near bigger dogs that will hurt the pups although playing) and points to expect through pregancy and how deal with commom professional medical problems while in pregnancy and how to care regarding newborn puppies.Getting the woman pregnant is the easy section, caring pertaining to her through pregnancy, the pups after birth is the hard component and We would only proceed with this under the particular supervision on the vet and if you can commit 24/7 to looking after your currently pregnant dog.Also you need to have a great deal of room for you to house your pups.Cages are not humain IMO.
Change:OMG! Youre simply 14 DO NOT BREED A PERSON’S DOGS! YOU HAPPEN TO BE TOO SMALL! Not to mention youre parents may be POed whenever they realize youre trying to have young dogs.YOU SIMPLY JUST ADMITED IN ORDER TO US YOU KNOW NOTHING CONCERNING BREEDING PETS! Not a good idea.

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