Can a blue brindle male pit and a fawn female pit make blue puppies?

Certainly not! if your fawn has the glowing blue dilution recessive they are able to have orange fawn as well as blue brindle pups But not full azure.Blue might only end up being gotten when one parent is really black or blue since Black may be a dominant (therefore is not gotten until a mother or father shows it).The blue recessive dilutes the black in conjunction with brindle you receive blue brindle

So, you are prefer to breed your canine for coloration preference Pick anything around the line in the male or maybe the female Would you understand that most of the blue pet dogs, because there’re so over bred plus poorly mated with, they have got behavioral problems that cannot be resolved

Do you already know that thousands of these most dogs are killed in the united states every day Why could you even look at this There are several dogs accessible, any color you wish, in lodging everywhere.These are full associated with pit bulls out of irresponsible people.

How about you receive them spayed/neutered plus make VERY LITTLE pups These are generally probably the most common dogs which are euthanized in shelters, so the key reason why would you would like to add to the next population

Only puppy peddlers who don’t possess a hint why dogs need to be bred matter themselves by using color.

Get your furry friend quality puppies fixed, leave the particular breeding to people with fine dogs in addition to real expertise.

It depends, they will not all be blue, although some can.I think the fawn would certainly dominate your blue, so more would have been a fawn color.

get your furry friend quality animals fixed

don’t ruin the reproduce anymore

some may be blue some can be fawn all of it depends.

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