Blue Buffalo Salmon formula question?

I work toward switching this dogs out of BB poultry basics to BB salmon basics, I got wondering, so humankind aren’t speculated to eat fish more than 2-3 times 1 week due in order to high mercury levels in fish, so how can this talk with dog foodI ought to imagine of which dogs really do not eat much mercury both, So please correct me if i’m wrong, and explain why or have you thought to this wouldn’t be a similar for dogs because it is regarding humans.

P.ERSUS.I expected a community Blue Zoysia rep.about this, and this individual was fairly puzzled through it to.

Fish have Mercury with the water where they are living.Which means you only ought to worry if the place that the fish arrive from provides mercury inside it or not really.Not just about all bodies of water get mercury

I would switch to Taste in the Wild’s sea food dry food, they is a better excellent brand.Or switch for their bird meals.That is a great question nonetheless maybe feed your dog a nutrition food diet once or twice a week plus the dry food once or twice a week.

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