Betta Fish Mating Help?

If you would like mate 2 Betta species of fish then, once these people mate are there to require them out of your tank or don’t you keep them in now there together Someone told me that superior stone one would certainly kill the actual smaller one can possibly they end up being together

I think you necessarily mean fancy Fish splendens instead of another types of Betta fish correct

Whereby, breeding these is fairly complex and it is the male who seem to cares for that eggs plus fry until they’re free swimming.The woman is removed from the tank when she’s accomplished spawning along with swam away.

If your female is definitely larger versus male, there shouldn’t get any fertilised offspring!

See here:

they will probably chase both around whilst mating, this generally involves slightly fin nipping…you will learn the man will setback a bubble nest while in the top on the tank at the surface with the water.when the female lays her eggs your will fertilize these people and group them while in the bubble now the femaless should be separated far from the bubble nest as she will attempt that will eat your eggs since the male could protect the actual eggs plus the young hatchlings certainly they are made.hope this kind of helps:)

If you could have 100L aquarium or over – that they definitely can certainly.You can certainly try these people together if you ever see these people hitting on each other then we were wrong).

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