Betta Fish ??????? Help?!?!?!?!?!?!!?

Acceptable, I simply got any Betta fish the other day and when i feed your ex, he spits thier food back out like he can’t chew up it upwards…The your meals are really hard so, I don’t know if MY PARTNER AND I should invest in him flakes besides the pellets What do you think

I fed mine betta flake food but it worked fine make sure you try betta fish min from petco it’s great.Theres minor pieces of shrimp.Too in the food and also the bettas appreciate them.

Soak that pellets in the little mug of the tank mineral water for 1-3 minutes before feeding.Then he can swallow it more easily.Bettas tend to be carnivores in addition to do demand, “like all other fish do” tend to be varied diet plan.Feed him a variety of food which includes things such as freeze dehydrated and frozen blood-worms, in addition to frozen brine shrimp.Flakes tend to be ok once and a while, but contain the least degree of nutrition one of several other meals I mentioned.Froxen your meals are the greatest, but MY PARTNER AND I wouldnt give food to him that every day.try this-

tuesday-frozen worms
wed – get cold dried/ flakes/ or maybe pellets
this – pellets
exclusive – taken brine shrimp
lay – frozen
sunday :fast to forestall over feeding

no very little no a person’s fine so long as you include treated water thats warm as well as right temperature with lots of hiding places he can be certainly not feed him everthing else then what you’ve got eventually he can get starving enough and eat it and no it’s not at all hard with regard to them since these bettas have got teeth while they eat you possibly can hear these folks crunch about the pellets consequently please dont change the foodstuff or take note on anyone altogether different because they was just familiar with another kind of food although bettas dont need a lot of food as long as they are hungry enough they’ll eat hence dont worry an excess of about it being sick.sometime they could go with out food for any couple days so find where this goes after two days.

Is all okay in the tank quantities of h2o, or ones ingredients I am not some sort of expert in Betta’s in any respect its already been years since Pondered one plus my various other question is definitely might its be a possibility its sick.

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