Best anemone for me?

I want to know the ideal anemone intended for my problem, i want one which needs minimal lighting and can host an ocellaris clownfish with no killing my own other fish which consists of stings (dont know if thats a possibility)

Your smartest choice is some sort of bulb hint anemone.These require the lowest amount of light and so are the quickest to nurture so far as clown hosters get.You should always be running the right light like t5 ho connected with metal halide.While they actually require a smaller amount light that will other anemone, they will still have to have a moderate-high lighting.All anemone this host clowns can eat perch.

You must get a new wild newborn ocellaris.Petco sels them.Tank-raised clowns lack an anemone and have no idea of what they’re just.Sometimes they will go in but alternative times they will won’t

Currentyl We have a Clarkii Clown hosting a long Tentacle Anemone.I would say a long Tentacle, Condyalctis, Bubble, or Ritteri Anemones is fine.

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