Baby mollies? Help?!?

Concerning had about 25-30 toddler mollies in a net nursery along at the top of my FIFTY FIVE gallon fish tank for a few weeks these days.They include gotten about 2x the scale of if they were created, but they’re taking quite a while to grow up!! i feed them powdered tropical flakes every day, and the actual adult fish simultaneously.If POST don’t give the personal fish ladies peck on the nursery for that food.At any rate, ABOUT how much time would you like until We can release a lot of them back to the tank, and sell the rest back to the pet store


ps- i understand they just about all take several times, but i just need a strong estimate

thank you!

i might say this will depend on the amount of you want to keep.should you have live plants and much small smothering places for them a couple of should allow it to become on generally there own.pondered a order of with regards to 15 little ones unexpectedly immediately (i acquired only just started seafood keeping and didn’t learn the indicators of pregnancy) and also 3 live through to adulthood without the need of intervention.

It needs to be around thirty days and any half to help 2 several weeks.Maybe shorter for those.Generally you merely have to wait right until the fry are generally bigger compared to adults lip area to launch them.

I just wanted to let you know however most likely won’t get money for the actual molly fry.They are so simple to breed and for that reason common furry friend stores simply won’t buy them.They could take all of them off both hands but almost certainly you will not getting income for these people.

All the best:

Probably about Several months.Just bear in mind they need to be bigger than every one of the other seafood.Also, you ought to be feeding them no less than two times daily since these are growing.:)

feed them blood worms it can make them increase faster

It possibly takes about a month and your half:42 days at the least….
Just delay intill they are too big to fit in different fish oral cavity……….

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