Are there any current Japanese Akita Inu breeders in the US?

I’m in search of an Akita Inu on the original Japan standard, not the American Akita, which is definitely so popular the united states.For the most part, it seems Japanese Akita Inu breeders are international, and its rather hard to buy a puppy out of Germany, by way of example.

Does any person know of any breeders or have experienced experience using such breeders the united states Thank everyone:)

Here is often a breeder of which uses The german language, Japanese, in addition to American collections.You should check that out:

She is in North america though, nonetheless her canines seems really nice.

x Kharis

yes where i san diego, ca.theres a breeder inside my community who breed excellent akita.before that they breed the dogs they check for health challenges.all their particular dogs usually are AKC and also shown inside dog shows Arizona :California :Texas

They have their very own club regarding America seperate on the American Akita membership of America
Heres that listing

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