Are red tail barracuda’s easy to care for?

i’d prefer to have three or perhaps so to create my africa tiger species of fish feel handy in your tank, but i need to learn if they are easy to look after because i need a perch that seems to be somewhat a similar with related eating habbits that should school having tiger bass.

Assuming there are a huge aquarium, make recurrent, enormous water changes, and you feed them many fresh sea food, they aren’t all which hard to nurture.You will require them to get about a similar size as being the tiger sea food, so one particular doesn’t kill the other.

I hope there are a ridiculously substantial tank if you wish to keep which tiger fish for any length of their time.Although this barracuda are generally predatory and so they do institution, I doubt make would last the afternoon with an authentic tiger they usually are in South U .s not Africa.You could start to just have a half 12 more tiger fish It really is hard for making any recommendations for your tank mate for any tiger, maybe a Zambezi shark, also known as bull shark.I saw one particular on craigs record for 50 bucks.Good I’d like to see some pics of this tank.

depends about the size of this tank.Considering all these guys could possibly get to 20 inches or higher, you’ll require 75 gallons for every fish, consequently that’s more than 200 gallons appropriate there.

Not to mention the proven fact that your african tiger fish are certain to get huge plus eat these one day


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