Are my striped tetra’s mating?

Relating to three some striped tetras.(Yes, I am aware it’s not the best name, hope it is possible to identify this.) One of these (The major one) may be chasing both small ones about the tank but it looks including it’s sucking on their rear end (back end).Is that this a hint of mating, or is he just fooling all over Please assist!

P.S How do i tell the gender these tetras

Interesting juxtaposition connected with ideas inside first respond to.A education fish cruising fish regarding its species from the territory.That can only possibly be true if your tank was extremely small.I was guessing since your ” striped tetras” are generally really known out there as Charcoal Tetras, the correct name staying Gymnocorymbus ternetzi.Also , they are called African american skirt Tetras.The behavior you happen to be seeing is usually typical for these “nippy” bass.The best solution would be to add several more of the same form of fish, therefore spreading this nipping all over to additional fish.If you are fish are indeed Dark-colored Tetras (the stripes are vertical) and so described much more correctly seeing that “bars” sexing youthful individuals may be difficult.

They ought to be OK, but adding Two or three more might help.You are usually most encouraged.

I’m rather sure a person’s tetras are generally just getting aggressive, instead of mating.Tetras are usually schooling fish and have to be kept within groups of as a minimum five, otherwise they’re going to become skittish along with stressed and could even become sick.It sounds to my advice like the main tetra is overtaking the reservoir, trying to help scare the opposite two away beyond his territory.

I’d recommend introducing more tetras, that will even away the violence levels.

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