Are bettas considered "playful"?

post heard online that if you ever shine a new flashlight in the tank this betta will certainly chase that around, are these claims true so are they playful

They can be.

I shown mine how you can swim via a hoop.

It’s quite easy when you’ve got patience.

Whenever you feed it, put the completed of a plastic spoon/fork barely within the water, and when your sea food touches the item, reward that with foods.If not, no food.Obviously, don’t only stop eating the fish because it won’t feel the table spoon.

Quickly, you can certainly move this spoon, along with your fish will follow the item.

Once it gets to this position, put a jelly bracelet in the water and contain the spoon on the other side of this until your fish auto-magically does it at eating time.(Mine solely does it for food)

some will certainly, some won’t

many are lazy

many are inquisitive / playful

some will bite a person’s fingers when fun lol
(surprisingly can easily actually injured lol.thankfully it’s only happened 2 times.; )

some might be very soothing

even my own lazy bones betta’s have got their occasions of need to know (though once they decide they cannot eat the actual light they will lose desire lol)

if you use a hand mirror don’t give it the location where the betta can easily see it everyday (only for a number of minutes :hour / day) since it can anxiety them available if it is there at all times.


Probably is dependent.I like to keep a betta around my neighborhood aquarium, plus it does might seem very lovable and lively.I get kept these alone around smaller tanks although, and There’s no doubt that they will be bored from their thoughts in generally there.All they greatly is suspend around, but in a very bigger gas tank with other fish, these people reveal its very fascinating personality.

well thought about betas for about two years and my partner and i wouldn’t think about them playful oh along with i never discovered a beta chasing a flashlight although if it can be healthy that fins may look cool and when you put a mirror facing him when called he’ll flare up that is if he could be OK.

I create a savings fund laser easy.Find somewhere while in the tank that should hold the particular red order.
Once they notice it they nip at the item.Both females and males are fascinated by the item.

They might be…however…shining any bright light in the fish’s eyes isn’t wise.

Mine are extremely curious and also playful.

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