Anyone have any contributions to help with a 55 gal freshwater tank’s inhabitants?

Howdy.I plan on setting way up a FIFTY-FIVE gallon freshwater tank when I have the money for that stand.I understand everything around the nitrogen period, and every thing I need to do with planning the gas tank itself.I currently have a very 14 gal, which has a Male betta fish, Bamboo Shrimp, in addition to 3 Cories.The way to running regarding about 1 year with very little to no issues.So.My question:

What would be good helping put with a Rainbow Shark, and THREE OR MORE Pictus Catfish I used to be thinking SIX Rosy Barbs, and then calling the item good.But then I learned they are inclined to like resting around mid-bottom, and I understand they wouldn’t do well with the particular busy Pictus.So..What would be a good idea I’m not researching getting little schoolers, especially with semi-agressive tankmates.I also usually do not want Cichlids.Massive Danios sound cool, but the boyfriend and I would rather receive sime good fish large than 3″ to ensure we provide the SEVERAL Cats, that Rainbow, and then 6 schoolers (possibly) in order to max out and about the bioload.

Many thanks.

From my experience having sharks, they get aggressive in the direction of everything as they quite simply mature (I estimate they dont for instance getting old), so you should have something which will hold some.I don’t have any experience having pictus kitties, so WE dont learn how aggressively they’d try in order to eat any kind of tank mates.Ive have tiger barbs frequent now, in addition to trust us, they can definitely hold his or her.A institution of six would be your minimum I’d personally recommend as it.You could also get a few variety together (albino along with green are a number of available colouring variations).They are constantly with motion and make a great supplement to almost any semi-aggressive reservoir.You may possibly also consider Several gouramis associated with different hues in there besides barbs.If you choose to do go together with gouramis put them simultaneously! I’ve held them frequent and endeavoring to add a single into anothers recognized territory concludes in depression.I have got never had a challenge adding them simultaneously so they are able to each establish his or her territories.Also, make convinced the gouramis is the last thing to get added on the tank.

Have an individual tried out and about gouramis A common ones of the that will be even a bit semi-aggressive would be your opiline as well as blue heaven.All different gouramis are usually peaceful and obtain to possibly be abt FOUR inches.They are very gorgeous fish, a lot more colorful than the usual betta to me, also in the same way easy to love.

I could suggest devoid of giant dainos only simply because are hence fast along with always shifting…They allow me problems.You could easily get Jack Dempseys, cichlids, clown loaches, or possibly rainbow fish.

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