Any one nows a good chow chow breeder?

while in the bronx i wan any chow chow toddler but i just have 100$ does anyone nows some one who can guide please

just acquire one from a resque.i bought my chihuahua and i adore him a great deal im defensive of him like a son.

Do you feel the price of the doggy itself will be cheapest a part of owning a new dog For $100 you should be looking in pet shelters.

Please discover ways to speak good English just before adopting any animal.And then do a lot of research prior to.Dogs take major time, energy, plus money.Don’t take up one before you are able to put in the effort.And through the look of your question, your not really close in order to being mature enough to love a pet.

You do not have any wherever near enough to secure a quality dog.A fine Chow will run an individual about $1, 000 that will $3, 000.

You might be able to find one a bit cheaper as compared to that when you contact the actual breed test & adopt there.But you might likely need a lot more than $100.

Any thing you decide on on the internet or with your local magazine are simply BYBers, proliferation their poor quality pet dogs.They will be just family dog quality & ought not be mated with but individuals want the pup using their dog or they demand her to acquire one litter before spaying.You will probably spend related to $1, 000 while in the first The regular few months.So make sure to can find the money for this prior to buy as well as adopt.

Areas sites from a search of, “CHOW CHOW rescues near the Bronx”

Contact these sites & determine if they recognize of any in your area that my possess a Chow and also Chow BY.They can easily send everyone information or they might pass on your request for you to someone closer for you.

It’s possible contact the actual Chow Chow Canine Club, they likewise would understand of anyone near to you.

No, I dont realize anyone such as that

But there’s a chance you’re able to get someone that can assist you with your spelling along with grammar for $100….

it has the better used up that way


You aren’t getting a healthy well trained chow which has a good character for $100.

ETA:Then maybe you ought to have given attention more as part of your ESL tuition.

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