Any-one have experience with a rhodesian ridgeback?

The definition of they like
Is it kind-natured
Do they require lots associated with walks

They are strong along with inclined to a lot of activity.They was breed in order to hunt loins and so are known to be protective plus reserved having strangers.Everyone that i have met has been shy and wary of me until I was around for quite a while.Nice canines and great and harmful guard doggie.

1.dominant particular breed of dog good pertaining to experienced lovers or people with many different time in addition to money pertaining to training
COUPLE OF.depends on should you get it from your responsible breeder plus raise the item correctly
THREE OR MORE.Yes.They’re a auto breed that has been bred in order to chase decrease lions.They have lots involving energy and need an abundance of exercise.Two or three walks each day will certainly not cut the idea.

I had one once i was little like a puppy, and I loved it.
It had been a very active and also hyper pup, and loved venturing out, but has not been too seeking to putting this leash on for a walk.
They’re somewhat hard to household train, but many puppies are generally.overall, she was an incredible dog, and they have an organic hunting reaction.

They need loads of exercise.They as well need loads of socialization.They’ve also been very canine aggressive.RRs enjoy a strong temperament.

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