Any Idea’s on what you can feed a puppy with Parvo?

I bought my little princess a puppy for valentine day along with gave your pet his 6week vaccination 3 days later on he going to vomit and also have blood around his a stool so WE immediately procured him for the 24hr Vet Clinic 45 minutes away…He / she was really dehydrated along with tested beneficial for Parvo.The Vet said until he’s 3 number of shots this individual wont possibly be immuned to help it…so they allowed me taking home INTRAVENOUS fluids, Anibiotic Needles & Anti-Naeua medicinal drugs.I then took your ex back with regard to his 3 day look at up and so they were really impressed along with him and he could be not not properly hydrated anymore and he gained weight in addition to we planned a visit for his or her 3 time check upwards…So I am treating him in the home and sterilizing anything as MY PARTNER AND I go because vet said to do a common thing im wondering is they’re not loving the soft food Managed to get him it is high throughout protein does anyone has any Idea’s on how to handle it he can be 6weeks and 5days outdated today Im getting him to eat about his individual without providing it for you to him in a sering
Thanks a ton!

My dog got sick enough where he would not want to physically move in any respect (Immune-mediated Polyarthritis), like you I did the total vet factor, followed their instructions towards the tee.I’d the very same issue you’d with serving, he simply would not eat.I required his regular dry foods mixed that with trouble and made it into the paste and put it into a syringe (without the actual needle) and placed it in his or her mouth.He appeared to be reluctant at first but after some time he found on.After he or she regained his / her strength We would find the pup limping to his bowl to have on the own.It’s just about to take time and persistence.Couple items to remember in case a dog is hungry enough he will eat, and you are lucky since your pup holds alive, my mummy bred dogs for a short time (not a puppy mill, bred with regard to farm working) and on not one but two occasions there are parvo pups and they died.I applaud everyone efforts with nursing this pup returning to health.

in response for the lady that said you will have a picky dog eater with your hands.If presently there only option are these claims specific make of pet food, some may turn their nose to help it, but your puppy will only continue to keep turn the nose to help it when you give them creative options, otherwise they should eat at some point.I have seen this 1st hand.

..why could you buy your 6 7 days old pet..they’re not designed to leave their own mother right until ATLEAST 8-10 weeks old..

He will likely like the foodstuff just good once she has completely retrieved.If you change foodstuff now or maybe keep presenting this and that and a little something else, you are going to achieve two things:(1) You are going to create a remarkably spoiled, picky eater that can probably not really eat right and probably do suffer for it.(2) Switching a dog’s meals suddenly and/or presenting it a lot of treats shows it diarrhea.You don’t might like to do either.

My advice is to stick with the present-day food.He can eat it or less he selects.

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