Any guess what breed/mix this dog is?

POST found this particular picture on the net.It failed to have any kind of description.

Tibetan Spaniel or a real mix maybe ()

x Kharis

Cute! May very well be Cavalier/Chihuahua selection, or might be Pekingese/Chihuahua or perhaps Pekingese/Spaniel.I’d must see your picture of the dog’s shape and understand how old it was before or what amount it weighed to make certain.

I’m less than sure why everyone is saying Pekingese.It appears to be a purebred Tibetan Spaniel, even though yes, perhaps which includes a tiny minor Chihuahua, and not much.8U

I notice Pekingese, also.It is a poorly-bred purebred, but I think it is likely a real mix.Cute.

that is just what I ended up being thinking, Pekingese as well as Chihuahua mix or perhaps a little Not so serious King Charles Spaniel.very cute

Pekingeese+Chihuahua and perhaps a little rat-terrier…

If you want to know for sure you can buy a dog dna test out online or even petsmart

i will say a new pekingese, pug, chihuahua mix possibly together with maybe a number of spaniel

Definitely has some Pekingnese…nonetheless it doesn’t appear pure…I had say Pekingese a Chihuahua, maybe

hes/shes cute.! but idk:/.

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