Any good videos for Dog Off-Leash walking?

I’ve a puppy(golden retriever), and post already taught her to help sit and lay down (shes 3 months).shes starting to comprehend how to stay, so once she theoretically is trained to be, i need to start about off-leash other golden retriever effortlessly follows me personally on corners with as well as without disruptions off teather and in leash.WE never truly trained any dog regarding off leash walking.i trained my dogs the fundamentals and quite a few really entertaining tricks.

so whats the proper way to off-leash training, and give videos you recommend

I might say the main thing with training anything would be having total engagement.If your dog just isn’t engaged along he is not ready to educate yourself anything.Having your pet totally engaged with you will generate training less complicated.Look in Michael Ellis method in my opinion he is known for a video around on a one among his lectures and he covers engagement.He’s one of the bst trainers on this planet.

you should be careful because in most counties you will discover leash laws in case your canine is away his lead and violence another puppy, or whether or not another pet provokes your dog you may get in trouble especially if your puppy attacked a differnt one.they may say this individual was bad and decide to put him in order to sleep.

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