Altolamprologus calvus question?

i know these bass are agressive, so will it be ok if i kept them with:
congo tetras
ghosting knife will probably take in the corys hey

and are they education fish

Altolamprologus are certainly not aggressive, however these are piscivores.And also ones with fairly significant mouths.They feast by hooking fry of other cichlid variety using their slim frontal profiles seeing that camouflage so to maneuver into narrow crevasses in which said fry stash.
P.VERTS.not training, more solo.

I nourish them guppies (all sizes) plus swordtail/platy fry.Fish huge enough to never be tried are ALRIGHT, but in which case you need a method to retrieve that calvus fry plus raise these individuals separately.Collect numerous guppies in addition to platies when “bait” with all the right fishing licence if they are eliminated wild within driving distance.


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