A question about my border collie ! HELP ME PLEASE !!!!!?

my own border collie is definitely 1 yoa and with regards to 3 many weeks, she always lays to the carpet all-around my backdoor, she would go to pee and poo within the backyard, so when jane is there do you find it a indication of the woman wanting to visit the bathroom
BUT her your meals are also positioned there, so will she would like to eat the idea or

SO, my stage is
is the girl wanting to visit the toilet or wanting to eat, or is actually she informing us some thing else

My Edge Collies both make it happen.They’ll FAVOR that instea dof his or her beds yet they enjoy resting there.Glad your wondering! It might have been a sign that they have to go into the yard.Glad sombody else within this crazy globe is attentive thus to their dog.:P! lolz.
REALLY LIKE Border Collies!

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http://www.critterchat.net/dogtricks.htm SO fun!!!!!! My dog can perform plenty of them…

Try with all the same term, like toilet or move outside when you take her out.She will let you know if she would need to go out and about to pee, by wagging your girlfriend tail or gonna the entry.

She likely lays now there because your ex food and also the carpet can there be.We have got a bell over a cord stuck just using the front door knob for the back doorway.The dogs ring the particular bell every time they want out.

you have to move the woman food from the door and also make certain her cargo box is thoroughly clean and comfortable she’ll most probable cry or perhaps whine if she needs the bathing room so she is normally just napping or want some peace and quiet as my personal dog will the same

I realize other replies, she is normally just there given it is cozy.

I’m betting she thinks the new carpet is your girlfriend bed.Does she have a very bed somewhere else If she is just laying there I don’t believe she wants to go released OR feed on.She’s simply napping.

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