A dwarf puffer in his new tank?

I’ve had any dwarf puffer for three a short time now, and I’m a bit worried this he’s not necessarily eating.I’ve attempted freeze dry bloodworm and yes it has zero effect.Do you find it just this he’s not used to the different tank for you to eat I’m slightly worried.

i am unclear who explained to you they eat freeze-dried but they can’t…you want frozen bloodworms…and if experts agree it is three days i would be venturing out and obtaining those very soon…hopefully he could be in 5 VARIOUS gallons for you to himself…

The different tank would not matter much to a fish, as long as the normal water parameters are generally safe and also in excellent condition.You may try to receive snails, or dwell bloodworms(Most likely sold for a PetStore or a sporting/fishing save.At that sporting/fishing save, the live worms will be in the particular fridge they need to keep these folks cold, in existence, and clean.)
If this does not work properly out, on the other hand, try likely to the Superstore and obtaining frozen shrimp.Defrost, dice the item up, and find the Aquarium Net and also ‘hand’ nourish your puffer.

Make convinced you experiment selinity and also ammonia and also PH and also temperature.but I might try live brine shrimp many people love the idea!

try reside foods such as shrimps or snails.

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