85 gallon stocking help?

I’m about to purchase some sort of 85G container.I’m not really exactly particular how I would like to fixed it way up but listed below are the 3 options I favor:

Solution A:
– Fire Eel
– Delhezi Bichir
– Senegal Bichir
– (want to incorporate some fishes however , not sure what I will add)
– Pleco

Solution B (Cichlid Tank):
– Strawberry Peacocks
– Ram Cichlid
– Zebra Cichlids
– Tropheus Cichlid

JUST ONE.What else should i add that will Tank A
TWO.How many of each will i add in order to Tank B
3.Any way Allow me to get some sort of Leopard Ctenopoma & African Butterfly

Ideas are significantly appreciated! Please state the amount of of each Allow me to get if you choose!

Scrap B, that’s a total load regarding Cichlids from world wide with not the same water hormone balance needs and temperament difficulties – your Rams would get murdered pretty speedily! If you choose a Cichlid gas tank, pick one area of the earth, then decide on one biotope and pay attention to that – such as Malawi Mbuna placed ups, as well as Tanganyikan placed ups, mix and also match may be a recipe pertaining to disaster.

Along with Tank A NEW, that’s really lots of big bass.Fire Eels carry out best with no less than a 75-85 for you to themselves! As well as Senegal as well as Delhezi would likely fight, these Bichirs despise their very own kind.

I will scrap the two ideas and resume the attracting board! Whilst in rush a pair up, do far more species research!

Realize CATX- pesonally i sooo want to do a variety of pseudo tropeus yet again.i had an incredible set up using a 75 gallon, had argonite sand to assist boost your ph, 80+ pounds.of steel, it was beautiful.i possessed about 16 in there what is going on a lil restricted for them in that tank.

Well pertaining to option A it’s important to make sure the most notable of ones 85 gallon is usually sealed limited because all those eels are perfect at becoming out.Although you may have slightly space in which your separate out dumps into your tank.make certain it’s sealed other prudent you’re going to find dried up sushi against your carpet.

in terms of compatibility goes if you have enough hiding spots you can actually combine the 2 tanks save with the Ram Cichlid.Ram Cichlids plus African cichlids typically don’t acquire along that is certainly why that you do not mix these.But the eels could well be fine with all the strawberry peacocks along with the zebras because eels will probably be hiding with holes all the time.You’ll scarcely see these individuals.On other hand if you don’t provide correct hiding spots for the eels some people wont often be healthy, they don’t be happy and in addition they wont live long.

In terms of if you only went with B:You could potentially at nearly all, and instant messaging serious at most of the, 4 of each because people fish reach like 6-8 inches width and they’re very territorial.If you choose go having B be sure you once once again provide a good amount of hiding spots otherwise, as I’ve truly said these kind of fish will be territorial, they may kill 1 another fighting covering the best concealing spot.

Desire that assists.

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