5 gallon fish tank help please?

Good day,
iam many new to the particular fish business in addition to the having 1 betta (fighting fish) which i still own:) though i’d like him in order to upgrade to your 5 gallon container.I are now living in australia around nsw to become presise, iam really unclear on the actual prices so if you ever could tell me that may be excellent! and precisely what could we put along with my male fighting fish many thanks.

A personal training gallon is the minimum for a single betta plus it should become heated plus filtered while they are hot fish.Good to view your replacing.You will be able to find a new basic five gallon (20 litre) for around $20-$30AUD.All the best ..

Well first off i hope in spite of you receive your excited about…….
Ok these days since when i dont are now living in austraila we can still offer you
some advice but i am hoping it applies down at this time there….hopefully:)

A SOME gallon tank is perfect for breeding you can receive 2-3 guppies
inside your 5 gallon constantly a relative amount of 3 to A SINGLE……female to be able to male
Or you can use the exact with platies, mollies, swordtail, to get a
Base feeder:snail, catfish, algae eater the choice

Now as for a buddie in your case betta they might be very super agressive inside small tanks in case with species of fish so i reccomend the divider after which you can you can certainly put an additional betta on the other hand because that they dont need a whole lot of room!!!!!

A FEW gallon tanks:15$ inside Nc
Maybe around:SOMETHING LIKE 20 something in austraila

Guppies:ONLY TWO.00$’
Platies:ONLY TWO.00$
Bottoom feeders:uup to be able to 5.00$

You may possibly always look for a cheap SOME gallon gas tank on web-sites like craigs number, most furry friend stores are usually expensive related to small established ups around here in america.besides that will, you can’t put other things but possibly 2 ghosting shrimp, or as an alternative to shrimp a great african dwarf frog.generally 5 gallons seriously isn’t a ideal size for every other bass.

Can’t enable you to on selling prices, however SOME gals should be only enough to the betta.If you’d like tankmates you will want at minimum 10 gal.Pygmy cories work efficiently, or most forms of rasbora.

You can certainly find an extra hand gas tank on internet ads similar to craigslist.I wouldn’t desire to waste money with a small gas tank because ordinarily they’re consequently overpriced.

For the prices, you need to check the actual stores near you if they have a web page up(i.electronic Petco, PetSmart, ect.)


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