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What kind of fish should I breed?

I need somthing quite and quick to breed, I possess the things say for example 10 gallon gas tank and heaters and sieve, plants, ect.And I’m not a fan of these scrawny 2- centimeter seafood, and I have already investigated betta seafood and angle fish, certainly not workin out, HELP ME PERSONALLY! Guppies or maybe Mollies would be the easiest.These are live breeders and still have a reasonably quick turn around.It’s easy to perform, and I’d personally just do a search online concerning breeding either of which.They practice it automatically, and should you have enough plants you don’t have to separate this mother since the babies will probably hide until eventually their big enough to explode out.I employed to breed Guppies frequent, and it is fun to view the color combinations that come out of all of them.It’s best to begin with 2 women to just about every 1 male you get. Breeding sea food is trickier than you imagine.I think the great thing for you’d probably be pretty guppies.You’d probably need a further 10 gallon tank which has a divider for the fry (one part male, a single side female) while.You cannot just particular breed of dog regular seafood … Continue reading

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How do i take care of clown fish?

I’d like to get 2-3 clown fish as well as some barrier, but i truly can’t find much with regards to them, i want to know: Just how big to they get How big of an tank will i need How do you get my own water for being…well, salty what exactly are some great tank mates the time do they will live and it might be nice to receive an respond to from somebody who has experience together with clown perch, but name like a response regardless. thanks earlier! (: – Common (ocellaris) clown fish – 4″ max – 30gal reservoir (minimum).Best to help keep one pair inside a smaller tank like that. – you invest in Marine salt mix from an aquarium tank shop – They might live with all kinds of other small marine fish along with inverts. – Along with good caution – 5 years or even more. – They have fish nutrition. But on the questions you will be asking you will be NO EXACTLY WHERE near ready to buy Clown seafood.Go and purchase a beneficial book about Marine fish keeping 1st, as flaws are easy for making, and high-priced. Corals certainly are a whole … Continue reading

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Cleaning out an old tank to start over?

My business is still very new towards hobby regarding fish always keeping, but I know the principals.Yet it is a first time We’ve ever commenced a fish tank over. I have a 12 gallon which helpful to house my own precious guppy.Although sadly, since My business is moving, I’d to not long ago find them a fresh home.I’d personally have taken them using me, if them hadn’t been a real far go.Now My business is left using this type of tank i have however to clean.When I move the tank, I would prefer to sparkling it upward and begin cycling once again.This time period, I’m only getting a single male Betta fish, so he can have the tank for you to himself. Now today I became about for you to empty this tank after i made your horrible breakthrough.The aquarium had some planaria! Still appearing new into the hobby, I freaked away and thought as if i had failed at like a fish user.But our more suffered friend said it transpires, and doable that serious for the reason that are basically harmless.She claimed with regular cleaning eventually, they would go away. The challenge is i don’t possess time.I need to … Continue reading

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How to treat Cotton Wool Disease?

This betta incorporates a patch at his forehead that we believe is usually Cotton Wool Disease.I are deprived of any aquarium tank salts in fact it is Sunday evening so very little petstores usually are open.May i do some sort of salt shower with anything other and then aquarium salts and get aquarium salts down the road morning “Cotton wool” is another ‘invented’ name for the fungus.If it seems as if cotton, it can be fungus. Betta’s require a temperature of 75 – 80 degrees.You incorporate the use of about your half any tsp of salt each gallon, but you must also raise that temperature to help 80- EIGHTY-FIVE degrees.The very best cure regarding fungus is methylene glowing blue.It will probably stain your current gravel in addition to plants, but it really will handle the fungi.You can easily move that betta to some small JUST ONE gallon bowl to manage it.

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Would 2 newts fit in a 10 gallon tank?

If you are then what kind of newts would likely work.I reside in wisconsin and also anything i need to simply no about newts. depends to the species a compact species like chinese fire bellies, red discovered (aka eastern) or alpine newts EIGHT gallons is a minimum dimensions for 1-2 thus yes you are able to but this will depend on the species caresheets Articles or blog posts on general newt attention a good newt community forum 10 gallon would be small nonetheless could do the job, I have no idea of about several breeds but listed here is a site within the care associated with newts.Pet shops would aid a excellent breed that could fit your requirements. fire stomach newts…thats all i understand.

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Why is my water cloudy?

i’ve a 35 gl gas tank with guppies pleccos (i dont would like a plecco lecture) as well as Cory catfish.The tank is really a bot overcrowded however , not too harmful.The water is non-sunny i can frequent mineral water changes plus cant determine why its.The tank is really a mature tank (6yrs) and haven’t had this problem before in addition to nothing has changed since i procured it. i had this issue.if your current tank was in the sun, or people leave the particular light on all too often it can result in cloudy mineral water.just move it out of the sun or have the light out of for more time and do a 25% normal water change which includes a gravel cleaner.which is much like 15 bucks in a pet shop.

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My aquarium fish are not active and some are dying. Help?

WE tested the actual pH degrees, nitrate, nitrite, Hardness, Alkalinity, and ammonia quantities and all are standard.Some involving my sea food have died as well as others are certainly not active.They just live in one position and occasionally navigate.I give them twice per day.Once the next day and once at dusk.Have almost any ideas why this is happening Many thanks. How big could be the tank Are you wanting fish would you have Could be the tank oxygenated Could be the temp right for that species you’ve got your welcome, feel totally free to email me if you’d like more specialised asstance. they probably have a disorder! i would seporate them plainly were you resolution mine please; _ylt=AlFSgqF_zv2ULBmZS.1bxbTsy6IX; _ylv=3qid=20110403173319AAUxNIo What types of fish usually are they new water what round water technical staffing ,.

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Does my betta fish has fin rot? (links to pictures provided)?

1) 2) 3) And post also heard for you to shouldn’t utilize Melafix to help remedy fin rot What medication regarded as a buy It definitely seems like fin go rotten.You can get Maracyn and Maracyn A COUPLE OF.One milkbones Gram-negative bacteria, and the opposite treats Gram-positive germs. ALTER:Yeah, which is definitely fin rot.If you’re betta isn’t the sole fish in the tank, isolate him in addition to treat your ex with Maracyn A SINGLE and ONLY TWO.Increase normal water changes also (about 25% every single day until the particular rot clears up).USUALLY DO NOT stop antibiotic remedy before you’re purported to, as this can increase this bacteria’s opposition to antibiotics.Follow that directions to the bottle.Your betta’s tail must be looking beautiful in no time.:) Beautiful photos! And fine betta:) That bamboo’s gorgeous. Oh! I see it today.Yeah, it really is fin rot.Thankfully, only raise that temperature, and the particular tail will heal alone.Watch this if this worsens.Use Maracyn if it does, or you should use it today.Change 25% in the water every day.Follow that directions to the bottle, also it should clear up.

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Berta fish sitting at bottom of tank! Getting worried help ASAP?

Therefore this morning hours my betta fish was just simply sitting end of it of connected with my FIVE galon container.And tonight once i came to measure on your ex he just sits there.I possess 2 various other fish from the tank (white cloud minnow, and some kind of sucky seafood that wipes algea) plus they don’t ever previously bother the pup.I have had my fish for nearly 2 several years now, and they have always been a beautiful fish.During the night I typically shut from the tank gentle, but this evening I’m certainly not gonna mainly because I’m worried he’s planning to die.And advice Betta’s aren’t long existed fish.It had been likely about 6 months, or therefore, old after you bought this.That’s just how long they choose to use get the long fins.Typically they live just about 2-3 ages.The top I’ve acquired a Betta fish was about 4 ages. Today, you employ a white impair minnow, a fish that may be considered a new ‘cool water’ species of fish (60-70 deg) whilst your Betta which will requires SEVENTY FIVE to 70 degrees, inside same fish tank.One of the people is certainly while in the wrong temps. When you can … Continue reading

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Planted tank care…..?

How do you care for any planted aquarium.How do you change the water in the planted gas tank.Do i need a filter in the planted gas tank.Are there plants that could live half in the water and also half out the water.Can marine plants purchased at dog store possibly be used as land crops.Any some other info you need to help usually a new planted tank may have a handful of change the lake like a standard fish fish tank.about 20-25% weekly.You want a separate out.Yes you will discover plants that could live mostly in waters and stick out the very best.some facilities even grow flowers above the lake surface.Aquatic plants can be sold with pet stores but not sure should they can stay totally out of water.Usually what a regular you are able to center retailer.aquatic plant life need light, nutrients, and a carbon supply.PLanted gas tank enthusiasts usually utilize a co2 diffuser within their planted tanks.

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