20 gallon stocking ideas?? I want some type of cichlids. What types can go into a 20 gallon tank?

Relating to a TWENTY and i want some kind of cichlids as well as i do not want rams or even apistos.Require ansers.

No regular Cichlid could live in a TWENTY gallon gas tank, unless its why not a convict or two.I suggest receiving a tank all over 60g+, then you could get a large, real Cichlid that may be really worth your time and effort of retaining.

you would need to do a new species regarding dwarf cichlids due to the fact cichlids are generally really territorial as well as need generally there space and lots of rocks to hide with.go which has a bigger tank if you would like cichlids.

Have a look into spend dwelling cichlids.They would be acceptable.

Kribs.Alone that comes to mind.

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