20 gallon setup will it work?

6-white pile cloud minnows,
1-dwarf gourami,
5-gold skirted tetras,
8- juli cory catfish.
aqadvisor as well as peteducation said it will work although want the opinion by you guyses!

Your tank might be way overstocked.Will not keep 20 fish in a 20g tank.The “one ” of seafood per gallon rule” just isn’t real.It’s just a guideline for specific forms of fish, and it’s actually not something novices should abide by.

Minnows will be cold drinking water fish, the others are exotic.Keep them out from the mix.Corydora’s really should not be kept around tanks beneath than 30g.With that in mind, I’d recommend:

– One dwarf gourami and five skirt tetras — or
– One dwarf gourami and four for you to five otocinclus catfish.

Take a person’s pick of them two possibilities.There’s practically nothing else you might add.

I wouldnt put that a great many fish from the 20 gallon.Mabye reduce a bit within the catfish.

Thats alot of cat species of fish.Try one inch of fish every gallon.

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