20 gallon LONG setup?

1-dwarf gourami,
6-black skirt tetras,
5 or 6-juli cory catfish.
they will certainly all similar to eachother should just know precisely what problems i will have can eventually upgrade to THIRTY gallon whenever needed.

You’re fine provided that you can try to retain the filtration without aching the biologic filtration and are also doing partial water changes every month and not overfeeding.
People have many differing experiences on stocking levels for your tank.You’re 20 long around the same surface area and might support regarding the same volume of fish for a 30.If you need to upgrade explore a larger tank.55 gal wonderful size..

It’s overstocked.
1 Dwarf Gourami plus 6 African american Skirts could well be OK.
JUST ONE Dwarf Gourami and also 6 Jui Corys.

All in all, you need that THIRTY gallon.

In its place, you could possibly stock having:
JUST ONE Dwarf Gourami
8 Neon, Crimson Phantom, Ember, as well as other small Tetra
HALF A DOZEN Pygmy or Dwarf Corys.

That could well be fine from a 20 lengthy.Good alternatives.Get a filter of which filters as a minimum 200 gph, and adjust 50% with the water when a week, and you shouldn’t have any kind of problems.

When you get a 30, you can have another university of SIX small bass, and an everyday gourami rather then a dwarf.You could potentially also use a larger education of corydora.5 inside a 20 can be fine, 8 or even so inside a 30.

You’ll have got less problems when you keep dozens of fish in a very 30g.A 20g may be a bit as well tight.What I would recommend for you personally is to hold the classes of tetras and also dwarf gourami but to leave out the corydora’s.A superb school associated with six or perhaps seven do greater in tanks 30g or even larger.

Absolutely great.

Now disappear and find the fish, but you should not ask anylonger questions upon here yet again, fool.

Kidding.If you would like help, just ask.

I favor cheesecake.

It’s overstocked.You’ll probably be fine if you upgrade to somewhat of a 30 gallon plus don’t add anymore fish.

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