2.5 Mini bowl or 2.5 tank?

That has more space for fish

2.5 tank, it noises bigger

Definitely not just a bowl.Bowls usually are not suitable homes for any fish.
Direction, a A COUPLE OF.5 gallon is so small for all fish.You can keep any betta inside it, but it might be happier in 3 gallons or more and requires a heater and a filter.
For any other kind of fish, you require at least 10 gallons.Larger tanks are also far easier not to lose, so you’d be much better off saving your dollars and the use of a much larger tank to begin with.:)

2.5 = A COUPLE OF.5 (that’s actually the primary Axiom connected with mathematics), so, assuming which 2.5 is a volume in the min bowl/tank in gallons or even liters as well as another model of level, they will be the same dimension.
A COUPLE OF.5 gallons is actually too small for all fish, in addition to 2.5 liters (or quarts or maybe pints) is actually too small for any fish.

the A COUPLE OF.5 has within the same room because the 2.5 if you don’t live in the parallel universe in which case the 2.5 offers more room approach 2.5.Hope that was clear plenty of.

neither TWELVE gallon aquarium 12 during walmart plz tumble more place for bass.

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