125 gallon tank stocking?

I merely bought YOUR FIVE clown loaches regarding my 125 gallon reservoir.I am visiting grow them out a lttle bit and then add two Oscars on the tank.What I desired to know is plainly add some sort of sump for the setup would We have the water volume to compliment adding a new black ghost knife fish towards tank, just in case so, when should i add it

That would be fine.Bring the BGK at any time.Clown loaches have grown, very sluggish growers.It can take years to build to 6TH or EIGHT inches.Along with a few more to achieve a 12 inches.

BGK not often grow spanning a foot.20 inches is achievable, but unlikely.So less likely, a 125 is actually fine regarding them.

I would add your black ghosting knife because those gets extremely big too! When using the clowns, as well as 2 Oscars you’re already filled nicely for the tank which size! Which even though it doesn’t seem like plenty of fish they may all get large, and make a SWEET reservoir! In any tank less is definitely more for the fish! Overall they will probably be happier having less buddies, especially that Oscars.

When you wanted to incorporate a ghost knife I’d upgrade into a 175-200 gallon tank

Don’t obtain a BGK.Those might grow 20+ inches and you know what The aquarium width is only 18 inches width.Not a good option.Your Oscar plan might take a long time.Clown Loaches usually are slow growers.

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