10 gallon stocking idea?

Properly im going to have your 10 gallon gas tank and previous to i show you what internet marketing getting dont commence yelling with me!!! Due to the fact thats rude or obnoxious:O
Effectively im contemplating on having
THREE platies
THREE mollies
ONLY TWO swordtails

Is that this bad or even good
Reproduction info
What filter must i buy

The platies will be fine.The swordtails as well as mollies need a THIRTY gallon.

Do you want to type them Should you choose, get ONE male to get 3 ladies.And if you don’t want these to breed, just acquire all males or most of females.

An excellent filter for a 10 gallon is usually a Penguin A HUNDRED AND FIFTY.

Mollies may handle water from total saltwater, to be able to full freshwater.Salt seriously isn’t necessary to hold them.

Mollies acquire too big and for that reason do swordtails.They each come to be about THREE OR MORE inches extended.Platies maximum out in 2 inches width, but seldom.

I do believe a better setup would always be 3 platies, as well as 2-3 guppies.
4-5 platies.

should you wanted mollies or perhaps swordtails believe need at least a 10 gallon gas tank, with a little bit salt for the mollies.But almost every other fish these days will tolerate salt in addition.

if an individual haven’t already read up on fishless nirogen riding a bike.It’s too rigorous to explain but if you’d like fish you have to do the idea.

In the 10 gallon Relating to a penguin bio-wheel 100 and it works being a dream! It’s the one filter I’ve used in order that it is the only one i can easily recommended.

Alternative activities you MUST/should get!

Heater (50 watts) need to buy if you’d like these fish
foodstuff (multiple kinds).
tiny rocks siphon
massive bucket
light to the fish

Anticipation I served!

Okay…because you can know, those species of fish are livebearing fish and will produce live/ a great deal of fry (babies).I do believe I would detract some fish there, though they might live peacefully together.It is possible to keep the actual 3 Platy although swordtails grow and requirement for of some sort of 15 gallon fish tank and Mollies are brackish seafood, meaning they require fresh/ sodium water to become happy…guppies don’t really like brackish.

Relating to breeding advice, it’s just an excessive amount of to type here.The filter Very well, it is dependent upon which ones you want! There are a pile of brands.Just e-mail my home and I am going to gladly go back you AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.


Not yelling, Yet swordtails may grow in order to 4.A FEW inches, they need to be in a 30 gallon tank.Mollies will get pretty huge too, 30 gallons will be best to get them, but 20 is a very bare minimum.3 platties fully stock a 10 gallon gas tank.You have to get all the same sex.The tank is too little for these individuals to breed.If anyone gett various sexes, they’ll still try to breed, nevertheless the stress from the situation can cause them to provide sick and also still made fry plus aborted eggs.and furthermore cause the oldsters to turn into sickly.

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